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2010-02-11 08:57 pm

Avvies for everyone!

So, argh! I was meant to post this AGES ago, but noooooo. My internet had to go and just explode! Anyways...

Here, have a bunch of lovely avvies for you, just because XD Also, some of these are in comms all over the nets there. I'm doing this mostly for the sake of organization, really (and because this journal could use some posts).

-YuGiOh: 04
-Tales of Eternia: 10
-Super Smash Bros.: 09
-Metal Gear Solid: 07
-Saint Young Men: 02

Total: 32

Quick peek:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I love me some avvies <3 )
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2010-01-29 10:29 pm

Fanart: Sketches [YuGiOh - Haga (Weevil) + Ryuzaki (Rex) centric]

So, yeah, debut post will be a fanart post! Nice thing hm?

Anyways, here, have some nice little sketches from my two favourite boys from YuGiOh <3 Plus, should I warn you that there's a minor 'reference' to Shrimpshipping???? Well, yeah, it has.

OK, I definetely could 'practice' drawing Ryuzaki a little bit more because he doesn't look convincing *haha* )
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2010-01-22 05:49 pm
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The Mandatory Resources Post

So, posting this to show from where the hell I get most of my stuff. You can also ask me directly for something in particular. Btw, you might want to take a look at my memories - that's where I keep a lot of tutorials and resources.

For brushes and other 'artistical' resources:

[ profile] 100x100_brushes
[ profile] brush_fanatic

For fanarts and other arts (for icons mostly):

§ The Japanese Tegaki Site
§ The English version of the Tegaki site
§ Pixiv
§ deviantArt
§ A huge list of Japanese fanart sites for MGS, Tales of Eternia and YuGiOh avvies (can be sent to you upon request)

For tutorials on icon cloring and whatnot

[ profile] icon_coloring
[ profile] icon_tutorial

More sites and comms added constantly!!!